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A successful website must have the following elements:

  1. It must be attractive.
  2. It must be functional and easy to use.
  3. It must have updated and strong content.
  4. It must have a marketing strategy.
  5. It must be optimized for search engines.
  6. Most of all, it must be responsive with devices and visitors!


Does your website make a good impression? Is your website generating business for you? If not then….STOP THE MADNESS and call us today for a free consultation. We can design a custom site that generates new business for you in less than 30 days.

So you Need a Website??

When you are talking to us about a potential website project(s), one of the important topics in that discussion is to think RESPONSIVE, which covers different devices and screen sizes. That brings us to the subject of multi-device support on your website is by building it with a responsive approach. The downside to this approach, and why some clients decline to go this route, is that creating a responsive site is more work, and therefore more costly.  But we believe the end result is fruitful!

Keep these thoughts in mind when considering updating your online visibilty. Here are some key factors to consider.

Prospects or customers visited your site for a Reason

More and more visitors to websites are using mobile devices.

We now know that mobile traffic now makes up more than 60% of web traffic. If your site is not optimized for mobile, you risk visitors abandoning that site because it is not mobile-friendly.  Google says so, so we do it!

Not to long ago, people using mobile devices would overlook a sketchy user experience where they had to “pinch and zoom”, with skinny or fat fingers in order to use that site. The user tolerated this experience because that is how most mobile sites worked. “Move over to the side of the road.” With the increase of mobile-responsive sites, the expectation level has lifted as to what is expected of mobile experiences. If your site does not convert to those expectations, prospects or customers will wander elsewhere for a site that does.

By not investing in mobile support, you are actually giving up valuable ground in the way of gaining and attracting new prospects, let alone any any proactive advertising you may of engaged. Without a mobile presence, the traffic that you gain from search engines, social media, and other campaigns will be fruitless if visitors decides to click a link or visit the site on a mobile phone and realize immediately that there experience is not consistent with possibly larger brands and quickly go elsewhere.

A responsive, positive experience for all screen sizes and devices will ensure you that the traffic you drive to the site does not vanish or become less fruitful because of a lower experience.

Search Engines Reward Mobile-Friendliness

Everyone wants their sites to perform favorably in search engines, but if your site is not mobile-friendly, you are hurting your chances to rank well in Google.

Google has long suggested that sites should use responsive design in order to deliver a multi-device experience, and as of April of last year, they started rewarding sites that did offer a mobile-friendly experience. While Google never came out and said that they were penalizing sites that were not mobile friendly, the reality is that by rewarding sites that were responsive, they were penalizing those that were not.

As you consider a site’s search engine performance, realize that mobile-friendliness is an important factor and one key reason why that company may want to make this mobile-friendly investment.

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No one wants a slow responsive site.

When we deliver a website that was designed for desktop screens, which likely could include large size images and other tools like video, when viewed on a mobile device, you are not really considering that site’s performance. A responsive site’s consideration that takes performance seriously and works to deliver fast page speed to all devices will definitely assist you in search engines and with visitors alike.

Tomorrow is Today

Finally, if  you are making an investment in your online presence, you obviously want that investment to have some longevity. This web world is will always be changing, updating, revising and whatever word we can use to state it’s mobile and on the go and “mobile-focused”.  So if you plan a redesign site today and do not focus on mobile users, your site is already dinged and certainly thought out entirely.

Just think how you navigate online?  Your experience is usually no different than the next user.  Think of how to change that, we can help!

At Multimedia Business Solutions we only create custom websites for our clients. We address each client’s needs individually. You can be assured that you will always receive the best value for your money and before commencing any work on your project, we will always agree to a fixed price fee so that you know exactly how much it will cost. You will find our rates reasonable, and our work excellent, professional and on time.

If you are interested in a proposal to have us produce a website please call us today at 1-214-299-8699 or click here. We will initially set up a meeting to discuss your needs and information will be gathered to generate a proposal that will estimate the cost and the specifications of the site included in that cost.

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