Marketing Video Samples

MBS creates high-quality corporate videos for small to large businesses across the country and of all shapes and sizes.
Every corporate video we produce, no mMBSToday.comatter the scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging marketing piece that conveys its message in compelling and engaging ways.

Our full-time staff manages the production process. Our goal is to create a piece that meets an exceeds expectation from YOU, the customer.

Our services include Concept Development, Script Writing, Storyboards, Pre-Production, Production, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Color Correction & Video Finishing.

Call us for a free estimate at Toll free 1-855-224-2537.

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Video Media Packages

Customer Testimonial/Interview
Bundle $995

We will interview on Video 3 customers within the DFW Metroplex area and create a 2 minute testimonial for each that can play on your website, YouTube and other social media channels. Includes videographer, necessary equipment (lighting and audio)and all editing.

3 minute Company
Promo $2500

A 3 minute company promo that includes participation of Company President and 2 other employees and 2 customers. Cost includes scriptwriting, 1 day to shoot footage, professional narration, editing, music.

Product Demos Video $1200
60 seconds

Includes ½ day of gathering footage, scriptwriting, professional narration, editing. We can always add for anything desired! (client to provide needed product images.)

Good Option  $250
60 seconds

Video slideshow mixed with licensed background music. Client to provide images.

Better Option  $350
60 Seconds

Video Slideshow mixed with licensed background music with text appearing over images. Includes scripting consultation.

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