We use a tool that assists us in determining what assistance
you may need in your online visibility presence.

Remember, sometimes drastic measures require drastic changes.

How do your listings look?

When people are looking for you online, your website is not always how they find you. Your local listings need to be correct so that people can find your business. If someone uses google maps or yahoo or even a local listing service tied to one of their apps, your listings need to have the right business name, phone number, website and email address. These listings effect your website rankings as well because this information is also indexed by search engines. If your information is not consistent the search engines wont credit your website if they cant find it.

Again how do your listings look?

The First thing to do is find out how you stand with your local listings!



boost-google-rankings-image-for-seo-page1-298x300Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

At Multimedia Business Solutions , we utilize proven search engine optimization techniques that will help your website get top placement.

We look at four things when trying to increase rankings:

1. We look at how the site is built. The site must have a strong balance of form and function. Google offers design and content guidelines and actually suggests to us how a website needs to be built. They offer these webmaster guidelines for free. Look them over and if you need help implementing their recommendations let us know. There are over 10 key elements on a site that need attention including page titles, alternative text tags and site map. Click here to learn some basics about Page Titles and Descriptions.
2. We focus on link building. Search engines consider the number of inbound links when ranking a site. Links are like votes. The more votes the better. So you want as many websites linking to you as possible. If you want higher rankings then get more high quality inbound links!

3. We also look at content. Google considers content to be King. Google suggests the following:

Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content. Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.

Search Engines will rank your site higher if the content grows periodically and is updated. If you have not touched your site in over a year dont expect to have a higher ranking than a competitor who is updating content and posting new pages on a regular basis. A website is like a garden…spend a little with it each week watering and weeding …. it will grow and flourish. If you don’t touch it and just let it sit there..it will die and become irrelevant.

What are you doing to encourage repeat visitors.

A very effective way to increase traffic is to give visitors a reason to return and check back with you. Offering fresh new content on a regular basis will encourage repeat visits.

4. We take a look at the things you are doing outside of your website to drive traffic. Does your general marketing drive customers and prospects to your site. Do you have your website address on your everyday marketing materials?

We look at the use of social media such as Facebook, Blogging, Twitter and Linkedin. These powerful tools can not only drive traffic to your website but help improve credibility and boost reputation. Search engines index the content on these sites and your business Facebook page, Blog, etc can show up as a search result. Here is a great example. Go to Google and search for “orthodontist, lake highlands, tx”. You should see Dr. Greenberg’s Facebook page showing up with a number one organic ranking. Facebook has 350 million users and growing so there is a strong chance that when they see the Facebook logo on your site linking to your business Facebook page they will click on it. But beware…once they click… you better be ready to deliver value. Check out how we are using our Facebook page. Our goal with Facebook is to establish credibility and show that we are serious about what we do. We hope to have clients interact with each other and to provide value tips and interesting announcements.

More to consider:

A site that is built on a solid foundation will give you a fast start. A well prepared SEO strategy that employs link building, keyword optimization, geographically specific landing pages and strong content, to name a few, will deliver results. Blogging and other social networking groups can help you drive traffic and increase your site’s relevance.

Getting top rankings involves regular maintenance. Your website must become a living and breathing entity that grows.

Let us help increase your online visibility today!



There is NO BLUE PILL for Business Growth!

Why local SEO matters more than ever (and 4 steps to success) Search engine optimization (SEO) optimizes your website so it will rank higher in search results. But if you want to increase customer visits to your location, you need to be doing local SEO. When a prospect searches for a business, product or service via smartphone, Google takes the phone’s location into consideration when displaying search results — making local SEO an important marketing tool for any small business. Besides being free, local SEO puts your business on equal footing with your biggest competitors and allows you to reach nearby prospects at the moment they’re looking for what you’re selling. And four easy steps is all it takes to implement local SEO.

STEP 1: Claim your business listing on local search directories. Begin with Google My Business, then move on to other directories including Bing Places for Business, Citysearch, MerchantCircle, Yelp and Superpages.

STEP 2: Claim and optimize your directory listings. Start with basic information like your address, phone number, hours of operation and website URL.

STEP 3: Optimize your website for local search. Include your business address on the footer of the home page, on the Contact Us page and anywhere else it’s appropriate.

STEP 4: Keep your information up-to-date. Once a month, review your listings and make sure all the information is accurate and up-to-date. 2 essential social media tips You’re probably aware of the importance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow sales. But do you know what you should be doing to help your business succeed? In a recent podcast episode of “The Heartbeat of Main Street,” social marketing expert and author Mari Smith shared the two tips you should know (and put to work) immediately.

TIP #1: Have a crystal-clear view of your target audience. Mari recommends targeting who you want to reach and having a detailed profile of your ideal customer. A clearly defined customer avatar will go a long way to inform the type of content that you create, your messaging and your ad targeting. When you’re doing Facebook or Instagram ads, you want to be able to know who you are speaking to, their interests and demographics.

TIP #2: Boost your Facebook engagement with video content! Facebook loves videos, so make sure 80% of your posts are in this format. Don’t worry about being on camera – you can simply repurpose and reuse existing videos and formats across various social media platforms.

SEO Packages

Package 1 – On-Site

$995.00 One Time Fee
Onsite Optimization
– Keywords determination
– Page Descriptions
– Page Titles
– Alt Tags
– Content Optimization
– Anchor Links
– Manual Submissions – Google
– Landing Page links {anchor links, Bottom Navigation – Up to 12 pages)
– XML site map
– Dual Navigation, if needed or sticky header if template used allows
– Google Local/Maps
– Google Analytics
– Ranking Report Monthly

Final cost may change depending on page audit.

Package 2 – Off-Site

$520 per month
– Directory Submissions – Over 40 – 50
– 2 Biogs 500 words or more, topic provided by data
& shared on Facebook
– Monthly review with client Ranking report monthly

Package 3

$649 per month
(includes package 2)
– 1 weekly Social Media Flash post Facebook or Linkedin

Package 4

(includes package 1 & 3)
$795 (one time fee) & $649.00 per month
– Social Media Page Creation/Enhancement Facebook & Linkedin

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What to expect


Our ultimate goal is to achieve results from Social Media activities. However, in order to achieve these goals, we’ll make sure that our activities are efficient and focused on specific goals.

Save time/be efficient

Social media management can consume a huge amount of time, and people can get easily distracted by ‘feel good’ engagement which doesn’t really drive business. Our team will use best practices and tools to make sure no time is wasted. Tools we use help us to quickly create and curate content and schedule it to make sure our social networks are filled with compelling posts.

Gain visibility into key business metrics

As we manage social media activity and experiment with different strategies and promotions, we’ll be able to see which tactics work. For example, what types of posts are generating the most engagement?  Or which Facebook ‘Comment to Enter’ giveaway campaign has the most entries? Analytics and metrics are core to developing an understanding of which activities are driving your business forward best.

Specific Social Media Goals

While these are not the only social media goals, here are ones that we commonly target during engagements.

Grow social following and fan base

Growing a following and fan base will help increase the reach for social media activities. It will increase the potential for virality to occur on popular posts, thus exponentially increases the audience for our messages.

 We will create ads, marketing call-to-actions, and other ways to encourage fans to follow and like you.

Increase engagement

A high quality, targeted fan base will be open to engage with you, but finding the right types of posts and carefully planning an appropriate mix of promotional versus informative posts will be critical to increasing engagement.

We will create and curate content which is engaging to your fans and ask them to engage

Convert fans into leads

Sometimes fans aren’t ready to buy or engage just yet, but moving them along in your sales funnel is your goal. Encouraging fans to register for a blog, free download, or event can grow your leads and increase your options for contacting them later.

We will promote your lead generation pages and links on social media.

Get sales

Converting a social fan to buying customer is your ultimate goal, and all of our activities are designed to move customers down that path. Special coupon promotions or sales on social media can lead to immediate purchases. Better yet, when people share their purchase activity, the sales can snowball.

We will promote sales, discounts, special offers that lead to purchases, and where possible, track sales resulting from social activities.

Getting Set Up

It’s easy for us to get started with the following steps:

Social Accounts and Profiles

We’ll need access to the social accounts we will manage. If passwords are a concern, we can arrange for someone on your staff to give us access through Facebook’s business manager so we will have access to the accounts. This is a one-time activity (repeated if there is a password change).


Kickoff meeting

We’ll schedule a Kickoff meeting to introduce everyone and to discuss initial goals and activities. Then we’ll be off and running!

Establishing Roles and a Workflow
  • Roles

Our approach to managing social media is to make sure that roles are clearly defined, whether there is one or multiple team members.

  • Workflow

It’s important for you to know the general processes we use to create and curate content for posting, schedule posts, monitor and engage, and create promotional campaigns.

Example workflow for scheduling posts


We are proposing the following types of activities for our engagement (sections 6-10). However, we understand that your social marketing needs are fluid and these activities will also need to be adjusted periodically. There may be times when a high level of monitoring and engagement are needed, for example around a major campaign. Or during content creation and curation times there may be more activity in creating and scheduling posted paid ads.

Monitoring & Engagement of Facebook ads

Social monitoring of all profiles is a critical activity because fans require fast response to questions, comments, and complaints. Using our social media monitoring tool(s), we will monitor all social profiles for engagement and respond appropriately. If approvals are required for responses, it may be appropriate for us to acknowledge a fan and then respond later. Engagement activities could include Reply, Comment, Retweet, Follow, Like and other social actions. These are accomplished quickly and efficiently by our team.

There may be cases where the team member monitoring engagement is not able to respond because they don’t know the answer. In these cases a SME (subject matter expert) may be required. It is possible to Assign a social post for follow-up, similar to how a customer support case is assigned. This will create a social case and the person assigned will be notified by email that a post is waiting for their follow up or response.

Monitoring List:

Social profiles/accounts, key search terms such as ‘Sports Medicine, orthopedic surgeons, joint replacement, gel injections etc.,’ VIPs (which you identify), influencers, special social media users (competitors, bloggers), Facebook newsfeed, blog/RSS feeds.

Promotions - Social Campaigns

We are excited to propose the management of social media Campaigns which tie into your marketing initiatives and fit your goals.  An integrated social media campaign is more than just posting promotions for a sale, giveaway, or contest you wish to run.

After discussing your upcoming promotions or ideas for campaigns, we can quickly create and schedule social campaigns to augment your marketing promotions or to run standalone on your social networks. We’ll agree on a goal such as the number of entries, reach, or clicks on your posted links, then get going. Our team will take care of keeping the drumbeat going by scheduling a series of posted paid ads, and if there are entries to be collected and winners to be announced we’ll take care of that too.

We will also monitor and measure the campaign metrics as it progresses. A campaign can be run for as short as a day, or as long as six months. We’re uniquely able to provide summarized – campaign level analytics for the social activities in the campaign.  Campaign results can be compared to each other so the best offers, giveaways, or contests can be replicated.

Analytics & Reporting

It’s important that we be able to measure the results of our efforts, and whether you’d like insight into the level of detail we regularly review or prefer weekly/monthly summaries, you can be confident that we strive for results, not just activities.

  • Daily and Weekly Analytics

Our team regularly reviews our dashboards for monitoring metrics such as fan base growth, demographics, post reach, and engagement (retweets, likes, comments etc.). If we notice anything unusual, we collaborate to find solutions, and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Report creation

We will create a summary report for you about our activities and results for the period. Content of the report can be customized depending upon the objectives and any specific campaigns or focus for the time period.

Below is a sample of potential report charts from the Dashboard which could be included in your report.

Here is a sample of the Campaign Dashboard which provides campaign level analytics on the series of posts.

Other Activities
  • Image gallery maintenance

We will keep a gallery of commonly used, approved images for use in marketing campaigns and social media posts.

  • Key hashtags to use etc.

Commonly used #hashtags in posts will be documented and their appropriate use described, so we can be diligent and consistent with the use of hashtags in posts.


MBS is uniquely positioned to provide you with the social media management services and results you need to help grow your business or achieve your goals. We hope that you have gotten a detailed view into how we manage the social media for our clients, and have the confidence you need to select MBS for this engagement.