5 Common SEO Mistakes

5 Common SEO Mistakes

1. Content

The number one problem we see with websites is the lack of content. if you want your customers to find your site, you need to give them something to find. When the search engines are indexing your site they are going through everything on your page.  If your page is about a widget then you need to be giving information about that widget. When someone searches for a widget the search engine knows that your site has rich content on it about that widget and it will come up before a site that has less information about that same widget. We can help!

2. Online reputation

Reviews on Google and other review platforms are very important and is indexed content by the search engines. When a customer finds your widget, they will look for reviews not only on your site but on other platforms as well.  Not managing your reviews on the different platforms can be detrimental. not responding in a timely manner to all good or bad shows you don’t care what the customer thinks but a simple thank you or attempting some mitigation to a bad review can be a world of difference as to your customers opinion of you.  We can help!

3. Online listings

Not utilizing Google My Business and all the other platforms out there to list your company address and other information like hours of operation, website address, phone number and a quick description.  your listings help customers find you and it is also indexed content and links back to your website.  All of these things are vital to your organic rankings in the search engines.   We can help!

4. Onsite Optimization

Lack of Location-Specific Pages, Alt text, anchor tags, incorrect meta data, broken links, outdated content, duplicate content, broken Images and and poorly built navigation are all things that the search engines look at and ding your site for.  We can help!

5. Site not Mobile Friendly

Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile. Somewhere between 60% to 80% of your web traffic will come for mobile. If your site wont load correctly on a phone then not only will your customers leave without looking through your site but the search engines will not index your site for mobile search.  We can help!

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